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Welcome to a new era in self-directed learning for you, the match official.

Through the Long Term Officials Development program, and developments in technology and multi-media creation, we can now provide the tools and information that you need right at your desktop or mobile device. You now control where and when you learn it.

This is not the end of classroom workshops or on-field practical drills; you will still need these selectively as you progress in your soccer career. 

What this on-line learning platform does is bring basic knowledge and interpretation of the Laws of the Game to you without you attending a formal workshop.

No more waiting for a workshop to be scheduled, no more having to keep pace with the speed of the other students in the workshop, today you will receive CONSISTENT and accurate information delivered at your learning speed.

This approach should help you better manage your soccer career in a way which more closely meets today’s lifestyle… what you want when you want it.

Ontario Soccer LTOD Mentor Programme Application Process

To register and apply to become an Ontario Soccer Match Official Mentor, please complete the registration form below:

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LTOD Mentor Application Form

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